The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Platt Hall

Whilst one deadline was completed another loomed a mere three days later with the piece based on historical hats for Platt Hall, Manchester. I had chosen the 1900-1910 era for the style and the political issues of suffrage and women's movement, as many suffrage ideals had developed in Manchester and the Pankhursts lived there. Time was again an issue and the realisation that you need to spend more on thinking to get the answers you seek, and more time on sampling to get the results that you dream of.

I started with the idea of representing the women and their voices by embroidering their names on the silk which would sit under the brim of the hat. However my machine at home wasn't as efficient in its stitching as normal so i had to take it to work to do some, almost hoping that Andrew would be there to help me on the multi head....he wasn't. However he was the next day so the fabric is an amalgamation of both techniques which I like. Threads have been left loose to show how many thought suffrage would lead to the unravelling of society, threads are also used to join the women together.

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