The beautiful man

The beautiful man

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Where has two months gone?

A huge apology for not posting for a little while, unsure where the time has gone.....Hopefully I will be able to show where it did go.

So after my fantastic visit to The Bowes Museum to see the Stephen Jones exhibition, I began to return to my optimistic and engaged self. Having been a roller coaster time with my millinery work and teaching it was a real uplift to see the work that I have done recognised by such an influential millinery figure and gave me a new focus.

So I waited for the letter and it arrived, beautifully crafted and saying it all really that 'Millinery is not the Timbuktu of the fashion world but its Shangri-La'. Even if it wouldn't solve my concerns it gave me such a huge up lift and what more can one ask for. Onwards and upwards in my millinery crusade.

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